Control Panel Supply for Wheelwash in the UK and Overseas

For the last five years, DISC Electrical Limited has been providing specially designed control panels for Wheelwash Limited, the UK’s leading wheel cleaning equipment company.  Wheelwash manufactures a range of equipment for use on construction sites and the like to prevent dirt and debris from site operations spilling onto the road.  DISC has re-designed and developed control panels for all their standard models and provided bespoke control panels when required by the end user.  The panels ensure the reliable and automatic activation of the wash and water recycling systems that Wheelwash supplies.

Recently, there has been a flurry of demand in Chile which is an emerging market for Wheelwash.  The Chilean customers have specific regulatory requirements that differ from the UK and this has impacted on the design and manufacture of the control panels. In the UK, a control panel would ordinarily be supplied with one door which has all the requisite controls mounted on it.  In Chile, this door becomes an internal door with the addition of the overloads and trip switches mounted to it, rather than these components being positioned internally.  This is then covered by a second, lockable, external door that has basic controls and indicators.  This is to ensure that no unauthorised personnel can access the live components in the panel which could cause damage to themselves or the equipment. In the last 12 months, DISC Electrical Limited has supplied a number of such panels to Chile to this specification alone, in addition to supplying equipment for the UK market and others across the globe including Latvia, Turkmenistan and Tahiti.

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